Malagasy Nature

During the French colonial period in Madagascar a journal was produced and entitled, Naturaliste Malgache. This journal served the important function of disseminating to the world scientific community information on the natural history of Madagascar and surrounding islands.  The intention with this new review, Malagasy Nature,is to follow this example and publish articles, in both English and French, at high scientific and international standards. This journal allows Malagasy scientists to return information to the scientific world, rather than only being on the receiving end. We consider this a very important professional step for the Malagasy scientific community. Malagasy Nature also guarantees the local availability of the results of ecological and biological research conducted on the island, as in many cases such articles published in foreign scientific journals are not repatriated or difficult to access from Madagascar. 

Malagasy Nature is a journal published by the Association Vahatra concerning aspects of the natural history of Madagascar and neighboring islands (Comores, Mascarenes, and Seychelles). The journal publishes original scientific contributions in English and French concerning animals, plants, ecology, conservation, biogeography, systematics, and paleontology. To date ten volumes have appeared, all now available online. The first volume (2008) was a monograph dedicated to different aspects of the dry forests of Madagascar. The second volume (2009) contains articles concerning a variety of different topics. The third volume (2010) is a monograph dedicated to the Ambatovy-Analamay region. The fourth (2010), fifth (2011) and the sixth (2012) volumes cover different topics. Volume 7 (2013) is dedicated to a monograph on the Beanka Forest (Maintirano). The next two issues, volume 8 (2014) and volume 9 (2015), are regular issues of the journal. The next two issues include monographs, with volume 10 (2016) on Bezà Mahafaly and volume 11 (2017) on the Nosy Ankao island group. The last three issues, volume 12 (2017), volume 13 (2019), and volume 14 (2020) contain papers on a variety of subjects. Volume 15 (2021) is a special issue dedicated to advances in the field of paleosciences by Malagasy researchers and students. Volume 16 (2022) contains papers on a variety of subjects. Volume 16 (2022) contains papers on a variety of subjects. Volume 17 is a monograph dedicated to research on the Marojejy Massif. In Volume 18, we return to a series of unrelated papers.

The editors of Malagasy Nature are Marie Jeanne Raherilalao and Steven M. Goodman. The associated editors include Achille P. Raselimanana and Voahangy Soarimalala.  An editorial committee has been set up with reasearchers from numerous disciplines, often with Francophone-Anglophone counterparts and include Henri-Pierre Aberlenc (France), Franco Andreone (Italy), Christopher Birkinshaw (Madagascar), David Burney (USA), Jean-Marc Duplantier (France), Roger Edmond (Madagascar), Brian Fisher (USA), John Flynn (USA), Jörg Ganzhorn (Germany), Frank Hawkins (USA), Olivier Langrand (USA), Wilson Lourenço (France), Chantal Radimilahy (Madagascar), Daniel Rakotondravony (Madagascar), Jeanne Rasamy (Madagascar), Joelisoa Ratsirarson (Madagascar), Vincent Robert (France), Manuel Ruedi (Switzerland), Melanie L. J. Stiassny (USA), Peter Taylor (South Africa), Miguel Vences (Germany), and Henry Wright (USA).

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